Yoga and Gong Bath at Sunset with Lululemon ambassador Dawn Sim

Everything is better when things just flow smoothly.

Let the beginner yoga practice bring suppleness to the muscles and joints while the vibrations from the gongbath affect the water in our bodies to work through blockages on a deeper level while bringing you mental and physical relaxation.

Please bring your own yoga mat along for this practice and enjoy watching the sun set as we move through the poses and proceed to the gong bath where Dawn will also be playing her Sun gong.



13 Aug (Fri) 6:45PM

20 Aug (Fri) 6:45PM

21 Aug (Sat) 6:00PM

28 Aug (Sat) 6:00PM

03 Sep (Fri) 6:30PM

07 Sep (Tue) 6:30PM

17 Sep (Fri) 6:30PM

21 Sep (Tue) 6:30PM

28 Sep (Tue) 6:30PM


Venue: Chihuly in Bloom Exhibition (Gardens By The Bay)


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Yoga & Gong Bath at Sunset
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