For most practitioners, yoga provides an avenue of spiritual development, to be at peace with one’s self and reflect within.

The gentle flow and breath awareness often helps yogis to release stress through self-regulation and a heightened inner consciousness.

We generally place a lot of emphasis on our breathing techniques and our state of mind as we walk into our weekly yoga classes, so what about yogis that want to correct their asana? That’s exactly what sprung to mind as Arizonian yogi Darren Rhodes went through his daily sun salutations. A highly prolific Anusara instructor, Darren took the yoga world by storm when he struck out on his own to launch YogaHour®.

Focused on weaving in shape, safety and refinement instructions, YogaHour® aims to sustain the longevity of the practice by offering clear and specific instructions to correctly align your poses. Striking a balance between being the most doable yet difficult one-hour class, Darren does away with the sharing of yoga philosophy and stretches the students through a fast-moving sequence of up of to 90 poses within 55 minutes of practice. In comparison, the average flow class consists of only 15 to 25 poses. Influenced by Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Anusara, YogaHour® is perfect for Yogis looking to get active after a long day behind the office desk.

As a fairly new form of Yoga with only one certified instructor here in Singapore, sign up for the next class at Trium if you’re interested to see how much form you can bring into a fast-paced flow!